'Late Harvest' 2022

Our ever popular medium sweet, white table wine is a clean, well balanced and luscious Semillon dominant blend. Fruit salad aromas support a generous mid palate with a soft, flavoursome finish. This is one for the sweet tooth, who enjoys a lower alcohol, lighter bodied wine. Especially delicious with desserts! 

Winemaker's Notes

The Semillon grapes for our Late Harvest variety were picked on the estate on March 10, 2022. They were brought straight to the winery from the vineyard and crushed, pressed and pumped into stainless steel, refrigerated tanks for settling. The clear juice was then racked to fermenters for alcohol fermentation, being left less time than for the other white varieties so as to produce a slightly sweeter wine by shortening the fermentation time and allowing for an appropriate amount of residual sugar. The wine was then protein and cold stabilized and subjected to a fining procedure. After this, the wine was filtered and was ready for bottling in July 2022. This wine is perfect with soft creamy cheese and fresh fruit, or to be enjoyed with any scrumptious dessert. 175 cases were produced.

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