Vintemp Infrared Wine Thermometer

A simple yet sophisticated tool for checking the temperature of your wine before you pour. Using advanced infrared technology, VinTemp accurately reads the temperature of the wine inside the bottle. Simply press the tip of the VinTemp against the bottle, press the button and immediately read the results on the digital panel. If the wine is too warm, just chill it for a little longer, or if it is too cool, rest it at room temperature for a few minutes before testing again. The VinTemp is only 3” long; use it at home or take it with you.
  • digital display measures in °C or °F.
  • temperature ranges from -27° to 428°F
  • precise infrared technology
  • built in serving temperature chart
  • outside clip, clip to pocket
  • battery and wrist strap included

Collections: Gifts, Wine Accessories

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