'Woodcote' Chenin Blanc 2017

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Woody Nook at Woodcote was the name of the restaurant in the Oxfordshire village of Woodcote which provided a showcase for Woody Nook's wines in England from 2006-2016. This Woody Nook Chenin Blanc has sweet tropical fruits on the palate with a honeyed smoothness and a refreshing finish. Enjoy by itself or as an ideal accompaniment to spicy dishes.

Winemaker's Notes

11.85 tonnes of Chenin Blanc grapes were picked at a Baumé of 13.3 on the estate on March 20, 2017. They were brought straight to the winery from the vineyard and crushed, pressed and pumped into stainless steel, refrigerated tanks for settling. The clear juice was then racked to fermenters for alcohol fermentation. This process took 25 days. The wine was then protein and cold stabilized and subject to a fining procedure. After this the wine was filtered and ready for bottling in July 2017. 263 cases were made of Chenin Blanc and it was also used in the production of both the Late Harvest Semillon and Velvet Rose.
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